Bridjet Mendyuk

Developer with flair.

girl who can code

I’m a rambunctious, diligent developer with a passionate mind. I love developing clean, efficient apps that are eye-catching and user-friendly. My love for front-end development and my go-getter attitude make me a well-rounded developer with extra chutzpah.

..and other stuff

In addition to coding, I've gathered a plethora of skills adjacent to tech. Everything from managing post-production account management, being a liaison between producers, clients and staff to operating in outreach research, press management and client-facing communication.


Pop Secret

Fieri's Fuel

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In my free time, I write about bands for music magazines (print and online) and I help local bands with publicity management through Avondale Promotions. If you see me at a festival or a show, please say hello! 👋

When I'm not doing that, I'm at The Second City doing comedy in the style of either improv, standup or storytelling.